May 24, 2016


In case you hadn’t noticed, Instagram has been making some changes – new icon and new app design! Since Partyhasher relies heavily on Instagram, this meant changes needed to be on our side too so that YOU could still enjoy our awesome (if you don’t mind me gloating) service! Our team has been working long and hard on updating Partyhasher, and we are complete and ready to share it with you!

Old Instagram Logo vs. New Instagram Logo

The changes are very intricate, and included new rules, permission requests, and call updates. And most importantly, Instagram is now requiring everyone to receive approval from them in order to continue doing business with them. And they made it clear that only certain companies would be chosen. And guess what: We’re Instagram Approved!  Below are some of the changes that YOU will notice (hopefully the intricate ones you don’t notice!)

We will now require you to sign into your Instagram account to start a show.


Probably the most significant change you will notice. This is a rule we could not get around, and a procedure Instagram required in order to protect the privacy of each individual. BIG win!

We moved over to PayPal!

PayPal Acceptance Mark

After much debate we finally decided on the a more popular and easier approach to checkout! Now you can use your PayPal account and not be bothered by credit cards. It’s SUPER secure!

Here’s the best part. Since we LOVE parties and celebrations, we thought we’d share our excitement and celebrate with you! We will give the first 10 customers 20% off their next event with coupon code: InstaSaidYes. Thank you all so much for being such loyal customers. Hearing feedback from you and being a part of your special celebrations is what keeps us going!


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