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snap a pic of you, your friends, or anything else using instagram


add your event's hashtag in the comment box ex. #JackandDiane1982


watch your pic appear in the photostream!

Manage your slideshow:

Someone posted a picture that you don’t want grandma to see? No problem. Repeat offender? No problem. With partyhasher you control which pictures show up in your photostreams, and which don’t. You can even skip ahead to your favorite picture!

Engage your guests:

let all your guests share their moments of the party. caught a pic of someone busting a groove on the dance floor? really like the center pieces? got a group pic of your college friends? post it to the photostream for everyone to see, instead of staring into an instagram feed on your phone.

pictures taken before the event

shown during the event

Take pictures today,
stream tomorrow

you want people to see the dress you wore to rehearsal dinner, or the fun you had getting ready in the morning? no problem. with partyhasher, no matter when you take them your guests will see all your awesome pics

easy setup

download instagram to your smart phone
and choose a hashtag for your event

log-in to partyhasher.com, and
launch your event

connect a projector to your laptop
and watch your photostream!

practice before the show

with partyhasher you have the ability to test out the photostream before your big day! This way you can be certain your photostream looks exactly as you imagined on the big screen. align it, change the resolution, put an x on the ground exactly where you want your projector, whatever you need to do. this is fool proof.

per show

buy a show >
  • easy setup
  • pre-show tagging
  • show manager
  • practice session
  • unlimited pictures